On A Rare Day Off…

On a rare day off, (relative term for a small business owner)

I thought on a rare day off I would write a small story about a unique experience I as a Captain had with our 590 plus guests this year on Lake Erie….

I am remembering all of our #USATourism folks this season on our @long_point_iht excursions and how politics dissolved in the marshlands as we discovered together. Remembering a little one telling “The Captain” that “they had sandbars in the USA that were white.”
I commented back after thinking and said,
“It is amazing that despite the differences in colour we can see the same beauty of a sandbar in both our countries.”

The little one smiled and looked out for fish crossing the sandbar as we went across.
Their parents laughed and said……
“That is soooo Canadian of you to say that, well done.” and we had one of the best sunsets that year.

Do you have a fun or moving story of being on board one of our on-water tour or charter experiences YOU would like to share? Please comment here in a message for others to see. If you have pictures…
please post.

-Graham Ferguson
Owner/ Captain
Interpretive Guide
Long Point Island Hugger Tours

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