The Tasty Bean – our first SPONSORSHIP

To give our guests a continued perfect experience we have BIG NEWS to SHOUT OUT, it’s our first SPONSORSHIP for the boat.

The Tasty Bean and LPIHT are proud to announce that starting Monday our vessel will have an urn of the tastiest coffee the captain has been happy to consume. We will serve our 11am guests and charters a serving of Tasty Bean coffee, ground up and served on board at your pleasure at no charge. You can request for your group a cup of sunshine… in the morning sunshine.
We are very happy to have Shawn Pettit, owner of The Tasty Bean on board as our signature coffee while touring Long Point with LPIHT.

BOOM…we just did that!

-David Theriault
Experience and Disability Consultant
Long Point Island Hugger Tours

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