That is some nice looking dingy right there

Being a family restoration, every twist of a bolt or minor repair I make to this little dingy is piece of much loved family history. 48 years ago my dad made this.
Years later his eldest son is preserving and putting CHIMO II back into service.

Powerful therapy during what is a trying time on some level for everyone during the lockdown.

My dad built the original CHIMO in 1970 which ran until he sold her in ’85. She was 23′ express craft in a house boat configuration. CHIMO II was stored on the roof.

Idle is a 1965 Chris Craft Cavalier with some differences but is very close to what as CHIMO was. This weekend, on her roof will be my dad’s restored boat, CHIMO II.

It is also his birthday this month, so he should get a kick out of seeing and taking her for a spin soon with a bit of history above him, like old times.

Graham Ferguson

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