What are your prices?

For 2023 our prices are:
Tours (2 hours)
Adults (13-64) $75
Seniors (65+) $70
Children (12 and under) $20

Special pricing for retirement/group homes $25 (minimum 4 passengers with 2 free psw workers)

Private Charters (8 passengers max)
Half day charter (3.5 hours) $700
Full day charter (7 hours) $1250

Is the vessel wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our vessel is wheelchair accessible. (wheelchair at the hub 31 inches wide or less)

Can you accommodate Power Wheelchairs?

No, not at this time

Can I use a walker to get on?

Yes as long as it is width is 31 inches or less

Do all of our suppliers have accessible docking?

No, it is advisable to stay on do to safety concerns

How many wheelchairs can we keep on board?

1 wheelchair at this time

Can anyone get aboard easily?

Guests with walkers or walking freely can get on board easily because our dock is at the same height as the boat.

Where do I find your dock?

Please go to our Directions page to find directions to our dock and where to park. This page also includes Google maps so you can get turn by turn directions from wherever you are coming from.

What stops us from going?

Thunder and lightning and excessive wind and waves at the captains discretion

Can I drink alcohol on board?

No as per Transport Canada regulations

Can i smoke a cigaret on board?

No smoking of any substance isn’t permitted as per Transport Canada regulations

Do we have a washroom onboard?

Emergency washroom and potable water is on board for emergencies. Washrooms are available at departure point and also periodically at destinations during the tour.

Can I eat on board?

Yes, snacks and food is permitted, non-alcoholic drinks are also permitted. We have a portable table on board if required.

Are lifejackets provided?

children under the age of 16 must ware a lifejacket while underway on board. Lifejackets are provided for children from 6 months to 16 years aboard additionally if guests wish to have a lifejacket 1 can be provided per adult.

Is there any age restrictions?

our youngest has been 2 months and our oldest has been over 100